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Crop GIF Tool Online to Resizing Animated GIFs

Cropping an animated gif is now very simple with the free gif cropping tool online on With the help of the gif cropper tool, you can edit GIF files, like cropping, reversing, rotating, splitting, cutting, adding text and overlays, etc.

Crop GIF

GIF Crop Tool

How to Crop a GIF?

This GIF Cropper can easily Crop any type of GIF animated image in Seconds without losing quality. It also helps you to Crop a gif into a circle.

Choose & Upload File: Click on “Choose GIF File” and select your GIF from your folders. You can also drag and drop your GIF images from your folder to the box.

Select to Crop: Click on any corner of the image and start moving it in any direction that you want.

Download: Once it has been done you can export it as GIF.

Resizing Animated GIFs

Crop GIF Features

Crop GIF Online Tool comes up with multiple GIF Editor features absolutely Free. You don’t need to Buy any Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions.

Crop GIF without Losing Quality.

Crop GIF Length.

Crop GIF into Circle.

Crop and Compress GIF.


Why Choose CropGIF.Us

Free GIF Editor

Our GIF Editor Tool is absolutely free tool for everyone and works on any web browser. No Subscription is needed.

Reliability is the best & simple GIF Editor Tool. Simply Upload your GIF File and Select to Crop your File.


All of your data are protected with SSL encryption and deleted after 1 hour. So, your Original GIF File is safe & secure.


Get in touch, we will be happy to help!


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Crop Gif ✄ Free Animated gif Cropper, Resizer Online GIF Editor Tool. is a simple & free tool Crop & Resizes gif files without a watermark.

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